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 How to capture level 8 NPC's

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PostSubject: How to capture level 8 NPC's   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:59 am

Capping a LvL 8 NPC city

First make sure your archery and horseback riding (hbr) are in sync
I recommend either 10 archery 9 hbr or if that's not possible
lvl 8 archery and lvl 5 hbr

What you need:
1) a lvl 8 npc city close to you (2.2 miles or less), this is important for return times
2) 100k - 150k warriors (the more the better but you can do it with less since these are mainly for the waves and to make sure you have the troops to defend the new city)
3) 70k-80k Archer (the number pretty much depends on your rally spot lvl, the higher the better)
4) 1k each of Scouts and Pikes for the Rainbow
5) All your heros speed should be the same or your march times will vary

How to do it:
First send an attack of 1 warrior, 1 pike, 1 scout and 1 sword at the city, make note of the march time this is
important then recall your troops.
Using the estimate provided when you set up an attack isn't accurate, you need the actual time given in the red bar.
Use your best attack hero for the breaker

1K Scouts
1K Pikes
70K Archers
The rest Warriors (the amount of warriors your able to send will depend on your rally spot, the more you can send the
less archers you'll loose)

Check your time!

Waves (each attack following the breaker is a wave)
20k warriors timed so it lands within 1 1/2 -5 minutes of the breaker
Note: it can be done with 10k waves but losses will be higher on the other hand so will your drop rate
Every time you go over six minutes the loyalty of the city will go back up 2 points.
The first few attacks are where you get your timing down, if it comes down to it
If you don't have a hero or the troops to send an attack in the specified time, send a mini scout bomb (10-20k scouts)
The scout bomb wont make the loyalty go down at all but it will prevent it from going back up.
Check your reports periodically to see where the city loyalty is at. When loyalty is at 0 it should only take one or two more attacks before the city is yours.
The longer you wait between attacks the more likely you are to get items (medals, scripts, gems etc) dropped but you'll also lose more troops.
Npc cities regenerate aprox 1% of their troops per minute

In all it should take about 1/2 an hour to 2 hours to cap an npc depending on how closely you space your attacks longer if you are trying for drops.
Do NOT use camp time as this will throw off your timing badly

Again this is what I send, if you have a better way, please share it and these numbers are suggestions they will vary based on your tech lvls
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How to capture level 8 NPC's
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