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 Get More Prestige

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PostSubject: Get More Prestige   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:10 am

Here's a Prestige farming trick I also do in every city aside from converting little bits of Gold into Prestige every 15 minutes through Praying. (See Cottage game Tutorial)

In order to do this trick, you have to be -swimming- in resources and gold. Full barracks queues and still millions and millions of resources sitting around. This trick does to small amounts of resources what Praying does to small amounts of Gold.

My Wall 10 Fortifications are set up with 1 trap, 1 log, 1 falling rock and 18,330 Archer's towers.
When I am online, I destroy 330 Archers towers and rebuild them 110 at a time in each city.
Not only does it give your Politics Mayor a steady increase of Experience Points, but it also gains you Prestige.
Remember, more Politics = More Iron of Wood = more Gold per hour.

330 ATs isn't going to determine the difference between loosing and winning if someone decides to attack me.

Prestige is what we're rated on as an Alliance on the Global Leader Boards... and as I've said before, it is the only thing people can see about you without scouting you. If you have over a million Prestige, chances are, they won't even mess with you.

Once you get far enough try this with Def Tres. It only cost stone and stone is the cheapest one of them all. Each one is worth about 1 prestige point.
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Get More Prestige
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