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 How to get more gold

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PostSubject: How to get more gold   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:09 am

Here is a super advanced technique.

All of you now have taxes at 3%. Loyalty at 97.
Every 15 mins when loyalty drops back down to 97, your doing Praying.

If you know your going to be online and focused, you can set your taxes to 100% while your online and do your Praying everytime your loyalty drops to 97.

In the 15 minutes it takes to drop loyalty, you will make around half by taxes of what you spend in gold to pray. Doing this costs you half of the gold needed for the same prestige.

Be careful though, if you aren't paying attention and you let your loyalty drop down far enough that your idle population goes red, you'll loose way more in sellable resource production than you save by taxing the 100%.

This technique requires 100% attention being payed all the time on loyalty. I never do this because I don't have any problems with running out of gold. But I am posting it because it works, and maybe you want to try it. Just be really careful, you can ruin your system if your not paying attention.
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How to get more gold
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