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 Instant take

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PostSubject: Instant take   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:05 am

!!!!!Very Important, Do Not Take Level 10 NPCs that are preset, build your own and farm the preset ones!!!!

Conquering a Lvl 10 NPC with (what I call) the instant take method
It takes at minimum 40 successful attacks on a level 10 to conquer it. This is an explanation on how to do it with just 40 attacks.
The troops at a npc refresh at a rate of 10% in six minute intervals. These six minutes is the same in which the taxes are collected. They also refresh some loyalty in these six minutes.
The minimum amount of troops it takes to be considered a successful attack is 10k warriors.
Suggested Minimums
223k Archers
500k+ Warriors
1k Pike, Scouts, Swordsmen
Hero with Attack Level of at least 150, (suggest 200)
1 Level 10 rally point
Ability to attack with 50 waves or more
-50 rally point slots paired with 50 feast hall slots
-50 heroes
1 Penicillin, War horn, and Corselet
Level 10 Archery Tech (it is best to have all attack related techs as high as possible)
Use Penicillin, War horn and Corselet to get attack bonuses (not necessary, but saves in many losses)
Send 1st wave to kill defenders
-95k Arch, 2k War, 1k Scout, 1k Pike, 1K Sword
Send 2nd wave to clear wall defenses
-50k Arch, 50k War
Send 3rd-10th wave to clear regenerated defenses
-10k arch, 10k war each
Send 11-50th waves to conquer city
-10k wars each
The waves should land it in the correct order; this will make for minimum losses. In order to do this, you will need to use the camp method. This is a great item in your March screen that everyone should be familiar with. You need to pick a time in which to send out the first wave, I usually add 30minutes to the time it would take the army to land (may need to be more if other cities are farther away). I suggest that the time be a fresh minute. The goal is to make all attacks to land within a six minute window. I use as many waves as I can in order to make up for any room of error, the last one I did I sent out 60 attacks.
Notes: In Age II there is a timing error with camp. They do not take into consideration the speed bonus given to the heroes. This means that you should write down all the arrival times of the first ten attacks to make sure they land in order. Then it is important to make sure all the following attacks land after the first ten. Make sure you give yourself enough time in your camp movements to make up for any error in calculations.
I usually set a wave from the farthest city away in order to see how long it takes to get to the city (but I don’t send it, yet), then I add 30 minutes (could be less if you are quick) to this time to be my arrival time in sending out the first attack.
After I send out the first attack, I use the same arrival time +5 seconds to send out my second wave with my second best hero, then I send out all of the first ten out as quick as I can. It’s important to make sure the first and second wave hit first, or you will lose complete waves of troops.
After this I set the arrival time for all the following waves about one minute later than the first wave and I send each one out as close together as I can. Any difference in speed times should be considered.
There is one more annoying bug in AGE II, there is no scroll option in Age II, and this is why it’s important to write down those first ten attacks. This way you can see what time they arrive to the NPC. After doing that I maximize the screen, bring up the army movement screen and check the closest time to the 10th attack time against the times in the bars to the left for each city. It may take a little calculation, but you should be able to figure out if the wave will hit in the right time or not. After sending out first 10, I suggest when sending out waves start with the bottom city on your city bar, and check the times after you each city is sent out (the army movement page shows eleven waves at a time). This way if miscalculations are done, then only that city’s waves have to be done.

After doing some trials I think the first hit on a lvl10 should be:
92Karchers, 2K workers, 3K warriors,3Kscouts This should result in max 5-10K arcer loss depending on you hero and bonuses...
(250attack hero is probably minimum for these losses)

to farm a lvl10.. use only 90K archers but add 2K transporters....

You will get 2m experiance points for the initial hit!
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Instant take
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