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 Taking your own 10

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PostSubject: Taking your own 10   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:03 am

Research that will help (the higher the level the lower your casualties will be)
*Military Tradition

What you need
*lvl 9 rally point
*lvl 9 Feasting hall
*Lots of archers (numbers below)

* Penicillin
*War Horn

*Move your 9 heroes with the highest attack levels into the Feasting Hall of the city you will be attacking from. Dont appoint anyone as the mayor, all 9 will be attacking
*Move all of your archers into the city you will be attacking from
*Have 40 or more of each kind of infantry unit and horse units in the city. Your waves will consist of 1 of each kind of infantry and horse, and a bunch of archers
*You also need archers and lots of them. some people say you can take NPCs with cavs or ballistas. This is not covered in this post.

What to do
*. Find or build a LVL 10 NPC as close to you as possible. The closer it is the faster your waves can make it there and back. NPCs continuously respawn troops and defenses so the faster you can make it there and back the fewer troops each wave will face and the fewer casualties you will take

*Scout the city until it has a low level hero. Each time you scout a new hero will appear so keep scouting over and over until a hero under lvl 5 shows up. You do not want to go to battle against a lvl 50 hero. Once a low level hero shows up don't scout again or it will change

On the first wave, use a war ensign. This will allow you to send 25% more troops than your rally point will normally allow you to send. After your first waves is send uncheck the war ensign button so you do not waste them on your other attakcs.Send 112490 archers and layering, so 1 pike, 1knight 1 war 1 scout 1 worker 1 cavalry, 1 cataphract.

Then for 2nd wave ( dont forget to click of war ensign or you loose one for nothing)
50k archers with layering

3rd: 40k archers with layering
4rd: 30k with layering
5-9: 20k with layering


This adds up to a total of 332,490 archers if you send 9 waves. You do not have to send all 9 waves in your first round of attacks if you do not have the archers. you may cut 2 or 3 waves out of the first round, but you will take more losses on your second round of attacks.

After these waves hit, while they are on their way back, go to your medic camp and heal your wounded troops. this should be done each time the waves are on their way home, but the first one is the most important, as this is where you will take most of your casualties. taking a Penicillin will help you to heal a larger percentage of your troops

Send these as quick as possible after your troops return. The more time you wait the more troops that will regenerate.

1st attack 60k archers with layering
2nd 50k archers with layering
3rd: 40k archers with layering
4rd: 30k archers with layering
5-9: 20k archers with layering (30k if you have the troops)

People say you can take a Lvl 10 with as few as 150k archers and this is probably true, but you will take many more casualties this way. I recommend coming with at least 200k and preferably 250k at least your first time. Even if you are able to take a Lvl 10 with 150k archers, when you are done you will have lost a great number of them and will you be able to defend the city you have just taken? your other cities?

"No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself." - Vladimir Lenin

I have only taken 1 Lvl 10.
I had lvl 10 archery, mil tradition, medicine, and compass and about 300k archers with some decent attack heroes. i used Penicillin and a war horn. at the end of the day I lost about 29k archers, leaving me with over 250k when all was said and done, enought to defend my new city as well as my old ones

******************************************************************CO-OP MODE******************************************************************

It is possible for people to assist each other in taking NPCs. NPCs lose loyalty, troops and resources regardless of who is hitting it, so you can time your hits and work together to bring the loyalty down faster, or help someone take a lvl 10 who wouldn't be able to do it on their own. there is no limit to how many people can take part in one of these attacks.

Get creative, you can coordinate your attacks to reduce losses, or help your teammates capture cities they couldn't do on their own.

*** As an added note, I have found that if you do use cavalry instead of archers to lower loyalty, the cavalry cannot capture the city so your final wave after loyalty reaches zero has to be archers.***
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Taking your own 10
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