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 Timed attacks

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PostSubject: Timed attacks   Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:59 am

I'd like to talk about one of the most useful strategies in evony: the Timed Attack.

To begin to understand how to set up a timed attack, you must first be familiar with theMovement screen under Rally Spot (this is the default screen when you click Attack or Scout on your target). The left hand side allows you to determine which troops you wish to send. Each troop has a different attack speed so it is best to be aware of each ones speeds. Scouts are the fastest, while Catapults are the slowest. Cavalry are faster than Cataphract and archers move faster than warriors which move faster than workers. Archers, sword and pike all move at the same speed.
On the left side of the screen are various other less used functions. Favorites, Movement Selection drop down(Reinforce, transport, scout attack, etc..), Hero Selection drop down. Each one of these you should be aware of as well as the resource selection areas. Camp Time is right between the hero selection drop-down and the resources section. You can set the number of hours and minutes you want to ADD TO THE MOVEMENT of your troops. By using this section, you can time your attack to within a few seconds of others attacks.
Right below the resources selection area, and right above the "OK" and "CANCEL" buttons is a section that tells you the date and time of arrival of your troops, WITHOUT THE MOUNT ARMOR ON YOUR HERO! Let me repeat that: WITHOUT THE MOUNT ARMOR ON YOUR HERO!!!!! The arrival time is also set according to your computer clock and is NOT set to Servertime!!!! You either have to adjust your computer clock to server time, or add/subract your computer clock to servertime, ie.. if it is 9pm where you live but server time 2am, you must add 5 hrs to the clock in the rally before you start to time your attack. ****This is 1. the most difficult part and 2. the most important part****

We now have our Server Clock and Rally Clock synchronised (whichever method you choose). Lets time an attack:
ou and your teammates are timing an attack on a lvl12 NPC. You both have the appropriate troops and everything is ready. Lets time this attack.

1. Remove the mount from the hero(s). Very Important. As said earlier, the arrival time is based on the speed of your army WITHOUT the MOUNT ARMOR. If you leave it on, you will arrive a lot sooner than you expect: 10, 20 30 min or more based on distance and MOUNT LVL.
2. Make sure you have adjusted Rally Clock Time to Server Time, whichever method you prefer.
3. Select your troops and note the arrival time. (adjusted to server time).
4. Determine the EXACT second you wish your attacks to land.
5. Add Camp Time to adjust your arrival time to equal approximately 1 min befre your arrival time. ***This will allow you to watch the seconds advance until the EXACT time arrives****
6. Once the seconds reach the target time, select OK

Congratulations!! You have just completed your first Timed Attack. This takes practice and you should try it as often as you can until you are adept with it. Try in on your next Farming expedition, or the next vally you attack. Try to determine a specific (SERVER) time you want your attack to arrive and then set it up.

Folks, this is the most difficult skill in this game and once you master this technique you will have accomplished a major hurdle in becoming a Maser of Evony.
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Timed attacks
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