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 first week builds

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PostSubject: first week builds   Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:48 am

Buildings to work on:
atleast 10 lvl 4 barracks; 2 of these you can make lvl 9
6 Cottages lvl up to you 1 above ur TH
lvl 5 workshop
lvl 5 forge
lvl 3 Inn (not higher) There are reasons for that
lvl 5 feasting Hall
lvl 5 Rally Point (each lvl 10k troops u can send)
lvl 9 beacon & lvl 9 informatics (both work hand in hand)
lvl 7 wall 2k ATS (archertowers) or more if you can (cycle build them 10 at a time)
lvl 5 academy
lvl 5 stable and lvl 5 relief (or up to lvl 2)
lvl 4 market
lvl 3 embassy
more sawmills than food farms
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first week builds
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