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 What to build when coming out of BP

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PostSubject: What to build when coming out of BP   Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:45 am

This is suggestion only... you guys are really on your own now! is as follows. Take it with a grain of salt -- the lines are not solid, there will be a bit of blurring between these steps:

TH to level 5
All cottages to level 6
All resource fields up as high as you can (keeping in mind idle pop)
Walls to level 7
Stable to level 5
Relief Station to level 5
Embassy to level 5
3 barracks to level 6
Beacon tower to level 8
Feasting hall to level 6
Academy to level 6
TH to level 6
All cottages to level 7
All resource fields up
3 barracks to level 9
Other barracks to level 6
Walls to level 8

And so on. By the time you get there, really, you should have such a good sense of the game that you'll know what to do. You can ignore this list of suggestions as well, it's only if people are curious what my general plan of attack is, and NOT an alliance requirement! Only alliance requirement is that you get your relief station and your embassy up to level 5.

In terms of research, keep focusing on archery and informatics. When you get there, be sure to research engineering as well. Do NOT research horseback riding past level 5 until your archery is at least level 9!!! This is a game bug that will screw you up! Otherwise, be sure to research your resource techs, military tradition, etc. Compass will help you out a lot as well.

Keep building those ATs. Try to build them even faster than you were in BP. If you don't have at least 3k ATs by the end of your second week (first week out of BP) then you're not building them fast enough! Good luck.Smile
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What to build when coming out of BP
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