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 how to scout and attack with heros

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PostSubject: how to scout and attack with heros   Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:43 am

Your attack and intelligence mayors can also double as heroes to go on attack and scouting missions. Just as it sounds, an intelligence mayor will boost the scouting chances of your scouts, and an attack hero will increase the attack damage of your troops. Be aware that losing a scouting mission or an attacking mission could result in your losing your hero. Scouting flats, this will never happen because there are no defending scouts on valleys -- so there's no risk in attaching a hero to your scouting missions there. When scouting other players, however, if the other player has more scouts than you and has checked the box in their rally spot to "Open Gates" to attack, their scouts will fight your scouts and kill them. There is a chance here that you could lose your hero -- but it's not a very high chance.
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how to scout and attack with heros
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